ul. Piekarska 130
43-300 Bielsko - Biała

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Main directions of PHU ZIBI company activities are following services:
  • Industrial automatic and electronics
  • Renovation, modernization of machines and appliances
  • Relocation, assembling and starting of appliances and technological equipment
    and lines for industry
  • Assembling of control cabinets
  • Assembling and performance of electric, compressed-air, pneumatic,
    water and plumbing installations
  • Assembling, conservation and surveying of switching stations,
    electric and electric power networks
  • Control and measurement works (electric and optical fibers)
  • Realization of all kind of steel constructions
  • Services in mechanical working
  • Project and construction works for machines and appliances
  • Surveys, conservation and service of compressed- air appliances
  • Surveys, reparation of pallet-lift and fork-lift trucks (battery-electric and power bogie)
Our company employs technical staff and workers with considerable experience, prepared for and verified in course of realization of various contracts. We guarantee professional competence and solidity of performed works and services. We can also ensure promptness in realizing our works and competitive prices.